New Posts - 7 March 2019

Review of Aboriginal Heritage Act 1978

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt released a discussion paper on 7 March 2019 about the proposals to reform the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1978.

ASWA members have contributed to the Draft Response which will be submitted to the Department for consideration. Please email the President or Secretary if you would like to offer comment.

In the words of the Minister's Media Statement:

The discussion paper for the review of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 sets out proposals to recognise, protect, manage and celebrate the places and objects that are important to Aboriginal culture. Importantly, it also identifies a framework for efficient land use by industry and other land users.

Further information and links to download the discussion paper are available through the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage webpage.

Should you wish to make an independent submission to the Review, all submissions must be received by 31 May 2019 and can be made via email to AHAreview. Alternatively, there is an Online Submission Form available from the Department's website.

Please contact the ASWA President or ASWA Secretary if you are seeking to contribute your response through ASWA.

Heritage Practitioners’ Reference Group

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage has established a Heritage Practitioners’ Reference Group. Please download the Terms of Reference.

Brad Goode and ASWA President, Dr Edward McDonald are representing ASWA on this Group. The

There are also representatives from ICOMOS, archaeological organisations, professional historians, heritage architects and engineers. The inaugural meeting was held last week.

As part of this Reference Group process, the Department is seekiing to enhance professional development and the accreditation of heritage skills.

Please also note that this year’s State Heritage and History conference is being held on April 28-29 in Perth and a key aspect of the program is on ‘dark heritage’ and ‘dark tourism’.

Consultation process on the proclamation regulations for the Heritage Act 2018

The Chair of the Heritage Council wrote to the ASWA President informing about the consultation process on the proclamation regulations for the Heritage Act 2018. The full text of the email letter to the ASWA President is reproduced below.

Dear Dr McDonald

I am pleased to confirm that the consultation process on the proclamation regulations for the Heritage Act 2018 is now open, and submissions are invited until Friday 3 May 2019. Completion of consultation will bring us one step closer to new heritage legislation that meets current needs. I would therefore be grateful for your assistance in distributing this information through the ASWA network.

Issues covered within the draft Heritage Regulations 2019 include:

  • composition of the Heritage Council;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • management of Council and committee meetings;
  • form and content of the State Register;
  • pre-requisites for the issue of repair notices; and
  • standards for notifications, consultation and advertising.

To ensure that the regulations are given due consideration and meet the needs of modern legislation, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is seeking submissions from interested persons and organisations. To take part in this process, your members are invited to review the draft regulations on the State Heritage website and follow a link to the online survey hosted on the Department’s consultation hub.

Your members may also be interested in reviewing and contributing to draft guidelines for the creation of local heritage surveys, which replace the current heritage inventories. These guidelines are required under the new Act, and will provide support to local governments undertaking the review or update of their local heritage survey.

The guidelines include standards for consultation and the use of professional heritage advice, so may be of interest to those working in the heritage field. Further information on how to contribute to the development of these guidelines can also be found on the State Heritage website.

Finally, initial consultation is taking place to assist in the development of guidelines for identification and management of state government heritage assets. These will work alongside the Strategic Asset Management Framework to guide agencies in the maintenance, activation, adaptation and disposal of heritage assets.

This is an area that would also benefit from input from those professional bodies whose work relates to heritage management. Further information on how to contribute to the development of these guidelines can also be found on the State Heritage website.

If you would like further information on the draft Heritage Regulations 2019 or the implementation of the Heritage Act 2018 please contact the support team.

I look forward to your involvement in this process.

Yours sincerely

Anne Arnold | Chair - Heritage Council