Post Grad Colloquium


Co-convenor: Richard Martin (contact person), Anthropology and Sociology, University of Western Australia, Email: martir09(at)
Co-convenor: Danau Tanu, Asian Studies, University of Western Australia, Email: tanud01(at)

The Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA) invites papers from postgraduate students at various stages of their research, particularly (but not exclusively!) those who have recently completed fieldwork, submitted their thesis or graduated. The Showcase will include papers from postgraduate students which outline their research projects, or which focus on a particular aspect of their research topic. The panel will be grouped into sessions by sub-themes and/or by the regions in which the work is undertaken, depending upon the range of paper abstracts received.

ANSA, in conjunction with the AAS, offers a small number of postgraduate travel grants. For more information on Travel Grants go to:

Please check the website for further information as it becomes available.

ANSA exists to encourage interaction between postgraduates, early career anthropologists and anthropology students in general. Please contact Kelly Greenop k.greenopl(at) to join the ANSA mailing list.