The Anthropological Society of Western Australia, ASWA, is a non-profit organisation that depends on dues, contributions, and the volunteer efforts of its members. It offers ordinary, professional, student, international and pensioner memberships.

Annual Membership subscriptions are as follows:

  • Ordinary Membership, $50.00
  • Professional Membership, $180.00
  • Student, Seniors, International Membership, $25.00

Plese note that ASWA uses the online payment facility Register Now.

Ordinary, Student, Seniors, International Membership

To join ASWA for the first time or renew your Ordinary or Student/Seniors/International membership, click here.


To renew your Professional Membership, click here.

To request to become a Professional Member of ASWA, click here.

Applications for Professional Membership are referred to the ASWA Professional Committee. As a minimum, intending Professional Members will have:

  • successfully completed a graduate research degree in Social or Cultural Anthropology or Sociology at a recognised institution; or,
  • have at least 4 years academic training in either discipline; or,
  • demonstrated competence in the field as evidenced by relevant work experience, research or publication.

Membership by Post or in Person

If you do not wish to use the Register Now online payment system, you can download the Membership Application Form and contact the ASWA Secretary to arrange your postal membership or pay in person.